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10.02.2024 #UltimatumToLukashenka

Release of Political Prisoners or Stop Rail Cargo ex Belarus

We urge the EU, with a primary appeal to the Government of Poland, to take immediate action to halt repression in Belarus and release all political prisoners:

- Issue an ultimatum to Lukashenka demanding the immediate release of ALL political prisoners. Set a firm deadline!

- If Lukashenka fails to comply with the ultimatum within the specified timeframe, suspend ALL regular rail freight to the EU from Belarus, including transit from Russia and China, until the ultimatum is met.

07.12.2024  #unrussiaUN   

Kick Russia out of the UN

Russia, legally, is not a Security Council or a UN member. As the only country to not have gone through an admission procedure to the UN, Russia has no right to a seat in the UNSC. Art. 23 of the UN charter states that the  USSR still exists, while Russia is not mentioned altogether. In other words, this article only confirms a UNSC seat for the USSR, not Russia.

Russia must be barred from the UN. After spending its time as an independent country waging wars in neighbouring countries, Russia directly violates Art. 4 of the UN charter which states that only peace-loving nations can be part of the UN. For starters, Russia must end its aggressive war in Ukraine and return to its internationally recognized borders!


We call the leaders of the EU, the United States, Great Britain and other countries 

to issue a collective ultimatum to Lukashenka:

If Lukashenka refuses to release all political prisoners, the EU member states should take extreme measures and block all cargo transit by rail from Belarus.