Urgent Appeal: Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Belarus

Today on 21 May on Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Belarus and on every day we stand with political prisoners and politically persecuted people in Belarus.

More than 1500 individuals are recognized as political prisoners in Belarus Political prisoners in Belarus (spring96.org)  The number of people who are actually being politicaly persecuted and wrongfully detained is substantially higher.

per 21.05.23:

4.649* -  persecuted politicaly motivated cases under Criminal Code  (incl. 965 women, 7 minors; 16 people have been sent for compulsory psychiatric treatment!), *daily updating

39.978* -   persecuted politicaly motivated cases under Administative Code, *daily updating

143.600–171.900 The estimated number of emigrated Belarusian citizens. Analysis of the migrant flow from Belarus to the EU in 2021–2022 (beroc.org)

22 persons were killed by Lukashenka regime only since 2020 (belarus-diaspora.at) !

The moral obligation of the free world is to release the people

who fight for freedom and democracy in Belarus!

The commercial interests of certain individuals cannot be compared

with human obligation to save the lives of political prisoners in Belarus!

On this day we call not only for solidarity, but also for concrete actions that could lead to the release of ALL political prisoners in Belarus.


We appeal to the leaders of the European Union, the United States, Great Britain and other countries to make immediate efforts to release ALL political prisoners in Belarus without exception. 


to issue a COLLECTIVE ULTIMATUM to Lukashenka:

If Lukashenka refuses to release all political prisoners without exception,

the EU member states should take extreme measures and

BLOCK all cargo transit by rail from Belarus !

We appeal also to the trade unions, journalists, scientists, athletes, musicians, opinion leaders, and people of good will around the world to support the campaign by undersigning & sharing  the PETITION "We urge the immediate release of political prisoners in Belarus" CLICK HERE


The release of political prisoners will lead to the overthrow of the criminal lukashenka regime and  consequently to a quick and less costly (human lives and financial expenditures) outcome of the RF Ukraine war in favor of Ukraine & democrratic world: сlosure of the 2nd front in the north of Ukraine (on the border with Belarus) and release of forces for the main direction of the east of Ukraine. 

"To defeat the enemy, first remove its allies" 

#FreePoliticalPrisoners ❗️#FreeThemAll #TimeToAct

#StopRailCargo  #Belarus #StopTransitBelarus  #EU #UltimatumToLukashenka #SaveLives

via Statements & BelarusContextBulletin (belarus-diaspora.at)